Under review

Allow Customers to pick their own stills for non-proprietary video assets

Chris Cybulski (Client Services Manager) 6 years ago updated by omwansadouglasntabo34 4 years ago 3

We have had a few requests from clients to have the ability to pick their own stills for IVA video assets. These video asset screen captured would be proprietary to them and would not replace the IVA still but be an alternate asset that they could access through the OData API and should be able to be used with the custom stills service. Customers should be able to upload their own custom image as well that they could link to the asset as proprietary as well.


Additional suggestion is to somehow let users vote up the stills and let top ranked still be default or at least public. This way IVA could be less burdened with the stills work and the users would get better stills.