Add Video Asset Date Created to Entertainment Express API

Chris Cybulski (Client Services Manager) 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 1

Think about adding Video Asset Date Created to Entertainment Express API.

Encoded date may still be better but this needs thought.



Rebecca Horovitz 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Could the stills in the still picker be made larger, it is hard to tell when one is blurry or not without clicking on it and going to the submit page where it is rasterized slightly better.

Also can the name of the asset be listed on the still picker so we know what title we are picking a still for?


Editorial Lists Media Manager

Chris Cybulski (Client Services Manager) 6 years ago updated by Henry Smith 2 years ago 2

In Media Manager on the list page where the items are listed include the Poster. This will help identify items that do not have a poster which is required for Sony Mobile.



Editorial List Order

Sony Mobile - Add ability to re-order the lists and not just the list items.


search optimization

Rebecca Horovitz 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Allow for choices to modify how the search tool works. Like adding " " or checking a box to receive exact title matches. Search by producer or copyright owner. Search by latest release date.


TrailerBot Feedback

Let us know what you think of TrailerBot from VideoDetective.com!


Dts search stuck or no results?

Michael-Rainabba Richardson 6 years ago updated by Chris Cybulski (Client Services Manager) 6 years ago 2

when I hit the "find video with dts" option, i get "FINDING VIDEO WITH DTS AUDIO" and nothing more. Using Chrome on Android.


Detect Language from Browser and play appropriate trailer

Bob Kolo 6 years ago 0

Let the Video API use the browser's language to decide what trailer language version of a movie to play.